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Outlook for Energy - A View to 2040


The seminar was held at ICC Birmingham, Broad St, Birmingham B1 2EA

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The seminar will be held at ICC Birmingham, Broad St, Birmingham B1 2EA

Lubricant selection for Gas Engines

Clean Oil & Gas Filtration



Extending Engine Life & Performance via Major Engine Overhauls

Conor Wilkinson
Europe Energy Manager/
Industrial Lubricants

"Outlook for Energy - A view to 2040"

Conor is a chemical engineer working with ExxonMobil since 2009. As Europe Energy Manager for ExxonMobil Lubricants he looks after a customer base across conventional, renewable & decentralised power generation. With a background in technical service to customers in the CHP, landfill and biogas sector he is very experienced in gas engine operation and preventative maintenance strategies such as optimal product selection & used oil analysis.


GEMS 2018 is a completely free-to-attend event with limited availability – brought to you by a range of companies, all specialists in the gas engine sector. 

The seminar organisers are WP Group/Moove and ExxonMobil. WP Group is the UK’s largest Authorised Distributor of ExxonMobil lubricants and is delighted to support this event.

Experts' panel discussion and Networking with technical industry specialists

One-day technical Gas Engines Maintenance seminar which is ideal for Gas Engines engineers, managers and those responsible for Gas Engines operations and maintenance.  

Steve served as a formal engineering apprenticeship with Rolls Royce way back in 1988 and have since had various roles in engineering and engineering sales. He has been managing the Gas Filtration / Engine Management stream of CC Jensen Ltd UK business for four years now. This mainly consists of supplying and overseeing the installation of Carbon Filtration system for Gas Engines in the Water Industry and Landfill Applications as well as improved oil filtration extending the life of the oil. 

David Adams is a UK Field Engineer working within ExxonMobil's Fuels & Lubricants business. He joined Mobil Industrial Lubricants in 1994 with a degree in Production Engineering, working in a variety of technical and commercial roles across a range of process and manufacturing sectors. In 2001, he moved into Product Quality Management for UK lubricants blending. In 2015 he returned to the UK lubricants business, providing technical support to industrial customers and authorised lubricants distributors, particularly in the gas engine sector.

Steve Coates
Sales Engineer

"Clean Gas and Oil Filtration"

Ralf holds a Diploma in Chemical Engineering from University of Applied Science at Mannheim. Joining BASF SE in 1990 as an Operating Engineer for application and development laboratories, he has since gathered experience in various roles. Whilst being responsible for the development of engine coolants, Ralf has carried out numerous OEM fluid approval projects. Today he is Senior Technical Service Manager for Europe and Emerging markets, actively working on product approvals with various OEMS for engine coolant Glysantin and brake fluid Hydraulan.

Ralf Strauss
Technical Service Manager

"Coolant Technology for Gas Engines"

On completion of secondary education in 1995, Chris was successful in securing an Electrical / Mechanical apprenticeship straight from school with Thomas Graveson Ltd who at the time was the UK agent for Jenbacher gas engine range. Chris has experienced several changes of business ownership over the years and has been privileged to hold a variety of challenging roles. These roles include Senior Commissioning Engineer, Overhaul Engineer and most recently Workshop Manager. 

Chris Henderson
Workshop Manager 

"Overhaul Operation Management"

Richard Chant
Head of Smart Buildings Operations

"The Future of Planned Preventative Maintenance"

Richard has been working with data and analytics for over 15 years, focusing on application to the energy management field for the last 8 years. Richard has been deeply involved in the development and growth of the C3NTINEL Smart Buildings Analytics Platform, using machine learning algorithms for pattern recognition and enhanced analytics. His current role focuses on the building services asset data analytics for the purposes of fault detection, maintenance and optimisation of energy and operations.

David Adams
UK Field Engineer

"Lubricant selection for Gas Engines"

Andrew McKenna
Head of Technical Innovation

"The Future of Planned Preventative Maintenance"

Andrew has worked in the engineering field within multiple roles for over 21 years, starting off as an apprentice HVAC Engineer before moving into management. Andrew has always had a keen eye on new technology and driving change with innovation. With this interest in innovation and IoT based applications, he joined ENGIE where he is heavily focused on new innovations that promote effective ways of data capture, FM solutions and end user experience.

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Coolant technology for Gas Engines

The future of Planned Preventative Maintenance - Gas Engine Example

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